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  • Am I Eligible To Be A Vendor At The Market?
    Our market by-laws allow us to accept vendors who provide food products (raw or prepared), plants, gourmet or specialty items, limited bath products such as handmade soaps or scrubs, and limited crafts in the form of handmade home or garden decorative accessories. We do NOT accept applications for service based businesses or crafts such as: jewelry, hats, sunglasses, bags, or anything that is worn on the body, nor do we accept supplements or anything that makes a health claim. Vendors who are serving food products must have either a mobile food vending permit, a caterer's license, or be operating under the Florida Cottage Food Act. These licenses are available through the Florida Department of Agriculture or the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Vendors selling landscaping items are required to carry a nursery license, and any farmers who claim they are growing organically must provide organic certification.
  • How Do I Become a Vendor?
    Please fill out the vendor application at the top right of the page and email the form to
  • What Does It Cost To Be A Vendor At The Market?
    The cost to be a vendor at the farmers market is $30 a week, with an additional $5 fee per week to use electricity. In addition to the weekly cost, you will need to carry general liability insurance with the OBA listed as additional insured. These costs vary significantly based on your product and the insurance company you use.
  • What Am I Responsible For Bringing To The Market?
    Everything. You will need to provide your own tent, tables, chairs, tent anchors for high winds, extension cords, etc. The market leases the space, and provides access to electricity, but aside from that you will need to provide everything you need to operate your business at the market.
  • My Application Was Accepted - How Long Do I Have To Wait To Start?
    The farmers market usually has a waiting list to attend the market. We have a wonderful group of vendors and space is not always available. It is impossible to predict when a vendor will need to leave the market, thereby opening a space up for a new vendor. In addition, vendors who can not attend the market for a known period of time are able to pay to continue to reserve their space in their absence. Sometimes new vendors get lucky and apply just when a space becomes available and they are able to start immediately, other times vendors have to wait several months for a space to open up. It can sound intimidating to be added to a waiting list, but we find often that if vendors are not able to begin immediately, they will find and commit to other markets, and when we are able to accept someone off of our list, they have already moved on. It is best to submit your application as soon as possible. We bring in most of our new vendors out of season (June - October) and we pull from our waiting list based on product diversity. For example: if we have 6 vendors already selling bread at the market, and no vendors selling juice, and we have a waiting list with a vendor selling juice and another selling bread, we will accept the juice vendor first to better service our market customers.
  • Can My Non-Profit Rent A Booth?
    No ... and yes. The market does not rent full time vendor spaces to non-profit organizations who fall outside of our vendor by-laws for eligible products. However, we do give space away for FREE to any legal non-profit organization who would like to attend. There is one free non-profit space available at every market, and an organization may request up to four dates per calendar year on a first come first served basis. Non-profits are encouraged to promote events, sell event tickets, logo t-shirts or gear, fundraise for a cause, have a raffle, or just educate the public on their mission. We cannot allow the sale of any food or beverage items due to licensing and insurance requirements. Please be advised that soliciting is not allowed at the market. In order to ensure a good customer experience, you will be allowed to set up your booth, but please allow customers to come to you.

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