Chef's Table at the Farmers Market Oceanside

The Chef's Table Program provides an excellent opportunity to:

    ➺ Provide market shoppers with ways to use local, seasonal market resources at home.
    ➺ Increase partnerships between local chefs and farmers.
    ➺ Showcase chef’s talents and promote local restaurants.
    ➺ Promote fresh, healthy, local ingredients in restaurants and at home.

Some Notes About The Program:

➺ The chef at Market program is an EDUCATIONAL program, so first and foremost your role at the demo is to teach, via a cooking demonstration, using seasonal, local ingredients of your choosing. (NOTE: You can also demonstrate canning or preserving techniques rather than preparing a “dish”)

➺ The aim is to utilize local and seasonal products from the farmers market and to make those the focus of your recipe.

➺ All chef's who participate in the program will receive a complimentary full page article in the food section of the Vero Beach Magazine introducing the chef, restaurant and recipe demonstrated at the Farmers Market Oceanside.

➺ All chef's who participate in the program will have recipe cards pre-printed by the farmers market with their recipe, restaurant and brief bio for market customers to take home with them and keep. We would be happy to work with the chef to print a promotion on the recipe cards as well if so desired. 

What is Required of the Participating Chefs:

➺ The chef's table is FREE to chef's to come out and promote themselves. The market will provide 2 tents, 3 tables, a hand washing station, 2 burners, a sound system with microphone fully set up, and trash can with bags. The chef will be required to provide:

➺ Cooking Equipment and Utensils

➺ Ingredients (We would be happy to facilitate partnerships with vendors to provide those ingredients for your recipes.)
➺ Sampling Products for market customers to taste the recipe at the end of the demonstrations. 
➺ All participating chefs are required to submit their recipes, bios & restaurant details at least TWO WEEKS in advance so the Market can design and print recipe cards.
➺ Submission of Registration Form - available dates are first come, first served.

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